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Release:Thursday, December 5th, 2013 / Viewer: 2924

Polyolefin Elastomer improves PP/PE end products' toughness.

Polyolefin Elastomer(POE) is now widely be used in Plastic Raw Materials application to increase and prove the end products’ physical property, such as the toughness, transparency, anti-slippery, touching feeling…,etc.


Below is the article about Polyolefin Elastomer(POE) released by Dow Chemical on Plastics Technology on August, 2011.

MATERIALS: New Polyolefin Elastomer for TPOs
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., has introduced Engage XLT, a new grade of polyolefin elastomer (POE) for PP-based TPOs.
It is said to offer a combination of benefits not previously available with other TPO impact modifiers. Improved toughening efficiency allows use of lower loadings, which results in higher TPO stiffness and melt flow, which in turn allow thinner walls and lighter weight in auto interior and exterior parts. Computer simulations show up to 10% part-weight reduction is possible, along with faster molding cycles. Actual molding trials demonstrate easier demolding for improved part quality. Engage XLT comes in free-flowing pellets suitable for large-scale continuous compounding operations.
Actually, EXXON MOBIL also produce the correspondent material of polyolefin elastomer (POE), EXACT.
They also produce the PP-based elastomer, VISTAMAXX.