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Release:Monday, February 10th, 2014 / Viewer: 1647
Bikes have became more and more important in this seriously pollutive environment.
Most of the protectors choose to ride bikes as their transportation vehicle.
Even protesters ride bicycle to participate the pollution protest.
More than 4,000 people converged on the Utah State Capital, to protest persistent pollution,
most on their own bikes.
The bike magazine reports it also.
As we can see, the air pollution is getting serious now due to the cars, motorcycles and airplans.
Hence, there are public bikes in more and more cities around the world.
Taipei, for example, is the green city where you can rent a "smile bike" in every corner of this city.
The smile bike mounts on full bike accessories, such as the bike carriers, bike rings, bike led light, bike brake system and bike bottle cages
The main idea of smile bike is to decrease the air pollution by bikes.
Let's ride on our own bikes now and do our efforts to protect the world.